CRN Interview: Whitman's Plans To Get HP Back On Track

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Apple has started to get some channel religion. Some of your partners have begun to pick up on that. What would you say to them in terms of what HP's Windows 8 tablet will have that the integration with the iPad will not?

I would say first and foremost, security, security, security, a long and trusted history with the enterprise. I do think for businesses, in the end, it may well be that it is also about an ultrabook-like product.

My son once lived in the city and commuted to a start-up in Silicon Valley. He got an iPad so he could [work on the train]. Two weeks later, he gave it back to [me] and said, 'I can't do what I need to do here. I need all the productivity tools, I need PowerPoint. I can't actually be head of business development for this company on an iPad.' This notion of these ultrathin, very lightweight, very powerful machines that have backward compatibility, that you can do real work on, I think have a real role in the future of the enterprise -- particularly if we can get them down to a price point that's a bit more affordable for an enterprise.

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