Where Are They Now?: 1997 Industry Hall Of Fame Inductees

Jeff McKeever

Achievement: Co-founder, chairman and CEO of MicroAge, McKeever made a name for himself by building up his technology sales company to one of the most well-known computer franchisers in the industry. Founded in 1976, MicroAge was the first to have a computer store in a mall and was a prominent reseller of early PCs. The company faced many financial difficulties in its lifetime, including having to file for chapter 11 reorganization in 1981, but McKeever is admired for his consistent leadership – redirecting the company several times over its course and raising almost $11 million in 1987 at its public offering.< br>

Today: In 2001, MicroAge filed for bankruptcy and liquidated all their assets in order to pay their creditors. However, McKeever bought the rights to the company name and now uses it for the company Frontier Technology LLC. McKeever remains the company's CEO after 36 years, and MicroAge is still one of the prominent IT solution providers in the market today.


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