Where Are They Now?: 1997 Industry Hall Of Fame Inductees

Steve Jobs

Achievements: Jobs' fame is far-reaching, but it all began in the Cupertino, Calif. garage of his parents' home in 1976 where he and friend Steve Wozniak founded Apple Computer. In 1984 Apple launched the Macintosh, a counter to IBM's PCs, and revolutionized the tech industry with its user interface. Forced out of Apple a year later, Jobs built his own start-up, NeXt, only to sell it to Apple in 1996 for $430 million. Once back, Jobs orchestrated a company shift that returned him to power, and he began turning Apple around to line up with his vision of the future.

Today: Jobs continued to turn the tech world on its head with the rejuvenation of Apple and the development of some of this century's most revolutionary products: the iPod music player and iPad tablet. In 2003 Jobs was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, leading to almost a decade of wavering health issues. He resigned as Apple's CEO in August 2011, remaining chairman, and passed away in October of the same year. His biography, by Walter Isaacson, was published later that month and sold 379,000 copies its first week.


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