The 10 Biggest Virtualization Stories Of 2012

From software-defined networking's rise, to big deals and major executive shuffles, this was a year with few dull moments in the virtualization marketplace.

5 Companies That Dropped The Ball This Week

For the week ending Dec. 14, CRN looks at five companies that were either asleep at the wheel or just didn't make good decisions.

The 10 Coolest Big Data Products Of 2012

As the total amount of stored information reached an estimated 2.7 zettabytes in 2012, the range of technologies hitting the market to handle all that big data also rapidly grew. Here's our list of the coolest big data products for the year.

The 10 Coolest Flash Storage/SSDs Products Of 2012

Flash storage, once found mainly in SSDs, in 2012 took on many forms as storage vendors introduced new hardware and software that incorporate flash technology in so many ways to increase storage performance.

10 Key Drivers Of Private/Hybrid Cloud Adoption

The growing popularity of private and hybrid clouds among businesses is changing the way clouds are being used, according to a new, in-depth survey.

10 Questions VARs Asked Michael Dell (And His Answers)

Michael Dell spoke to more than 600 VAR and distributor executives and answered partner questions Tuesday during Dell's Global Channel Partner Summit at Dell World in Austin. Here's a look at what he was asked and what he had to day.

The 10 Coolest Smartphones Of 2012

Smartphones got even smarter in 2012, with new features that even five years ago would seem like something out of the Jetson's. Here are 10 of the coolest to burst onto the scene.

The 10 Coolest Tablets Of 2012

The tablet market is crowded with more iPads, more Android tablets and now Windows 8 devices. So which ones were the coolest in 2012?

The 10 Best Open Source Products Of 2012

Google, MySQL and Ubuntu are the usual major players, but there are a few smaller ones as well.

Dell Dishes Out Partner Of The Year Awards At Dell World

Twelve companies took home 13 awards, with one lucky VAR winning two.

The 10 Biggest Channel Stories Of 2012

Solution providers were pulled in many directions in 2012. Here's a look back at the 10 biggest channel stories of the year.

Head To Head: Apple iPhone 5 Vs. Samsung Galaxy S III

In a battle of handhelds, the CRN Test Center compares two of the world's leading smartphones.

The 10 Biggest Software Stories Of 2012

It was a year of big product introductions, big data technologies and big embarrassments in the software industry. Here's a look back at 10 stories that kept the software industry interesting this year.

The 10 Biggest Data Center Stories Of 2012

CRN looks back at the top data center stories of 2012, a year in which Superstorm Sandy gave the industry the ultimate disaster test and new technologies tested data centers' ability to manage new workloads.

20 Take-Aways From Cisco's Financial Analyst Conference

Cisco brought together Wall Streeters, financial and IT analysts and media to its annual Financial Analyst Conference in New York, for deep-dive discussions on its place in SDN, its next moves and its competition. Here are the key messages.

6 Non-Dell Products To See At Dell World

An SSD from Micron, secure cloud hosting from FireHost and a load balancing controller from Kemp Technologies are some new non-Dell products that'll be featured at Dell World this year.

The 10 Biggest Managed Services Stories Of 2012

Mobility, managed print and security vulnerabilities were three topics making headlines for MSPs this year. Here's a look back at the biggest managed services stories of the year.

HP's Autonomy Mishap: From High Expectations To High Anxiety

HP touted its $11.1 billion acquisition of Autonomy as a cloud computing game-changer, but what happened in the following 15 months proved to be quite the opposite.

Top 10 IT Certificates Companies Want To See On Your Resume

If you're an IT professional looking to take the next train to success, you've gotta have a certificate to ride, according to recruiting experts. Here's a look at the top certificates their clients are looking to see.

5 Companies That Dropped The Ball This Week

For the week ending Dec. 7, CRN looks at five companies that were either asleep at the wheel or just didn't make good decisions.

5 Companies That Came To Win This Week

For the week ending Dec. 7, CRN looks at five companies that brought their 'A' game and made moves to beat out competitors.

Holiday Gift Guide 2012: 15 Tech Ideas For Women

No luck finding the perfect gift for the techie lady in your life? CRN has a few tech gift ideas that are perfect for women.

Private Vs. Public Vs. Hybrid: My Cloud's Better Than Yours

A new survey from research firm IDC reveals the baby steps enterprises are taking to the cloud and how the need for solution provider expertise is on the rise.

The 10 Biggest Security Stories Of 2012

We review the highlights, as well as the low lights, of 2012 from an information security point of view. New changes to the threat landscape not only underscore the year that is coming to a close but also portend what's to come.

The 10 Biggest Networking Stories Of 2012

It was a wild year for the networking segment, with major changes in the channels of Cisco, Juniper and other major players, as well as with the industry-wide SDN trend starting to take hold in a big way. Here are the 10 stories that kept us buzzing this year.