Affinity Index: Networking Infrastructure

Cisco Systems was the go-to networking infrastructure vendor for the channel in 2008, and the vendor appeared to get stronger as the year wore on, according to new research by the Institute for Partner Education & Development.

The Best Products Of 2008

We looked at hundreds of products in 2008, but only a select few can be the best. Here are the ones that made the biggest impression--and will help you impress your customers.

Where In The World Is IT Factory's Stein Bagger?

ChannelWeb gives a pictorial look at the downfall of bankrupt Danish SaaS reseller IT Factory, whose CEO, Stein Bagger, has been indicted in a $170 million fraud case that's affecting IBM -- its main business partner -- as well as several other IT industry giants.

Affinity Index: Portals And Content Management

Microsoft gets the money, but Hewlett-Packard gets the love from solution providers in the portals and content management software, according to new research by the Institute for Partner Education & Development (IPED).

State Of Technology: Storage -- The Key Takeaways

A rough economic climate pervades, but solution providers interviewed for this year's State of Technology: Storage survey had plenty to be bullish about, with managed services potential leading the way for 2009. Have a look at 19 takeaways from this year's survey data.

10 Security Predictions For 2009

With new sophisticated malware, the plummeting economy and the onslaught of cybercrime organizations, the security landscape is going to be anything but dull in 2009. Here are a few of our own predictions to prepare you for what lies ahead.

New Android Phone Hits The Market

The Kogan Agora, the second Android phone in the world, is set to ship next month in Australia and abroad.

Affinity Index: Storage Management Software

VARs expect storage management software sales to be almost flat in the second half of the year, compared to the first half, with Microsoft, HP and IBM all scrambling for market share, according to new research by the Institute for Partner Education & Development (IPED).

10 Storage Predictions For 2009

The economic downturn is hurting many businesses, but not the amount of data they have to collect and store, and that means solution providers will shift in 2009 to smaller vendors, virtualization and storage-as-a-service.

How Will Obama Affect Tech? 10 Execs Speak

President-elect Barack Obama has already shown that he's tech-savvy, so when he takes office in January, his impact on the tech industry will surely be felt. Here, we ask 10 tech execs what impact Obama's presidency will have on their specific segments.

18 Scenes From TechSelect: D.C. Style

Tech Data's TechSelect Conference in Washington, D.C., offered solution providers a chance to learn about the latest services from the distributor, technology from dozens of vendors and best practices from each other.

Affinity Index: Notebooks

Despite dire economic times, solution providers say they still expect customers to continue to buy laptops, more in the second half of the year than the first half.

10 Chip Predictions For 2009

From renewed hostilities in the Clockspeed Wars to the coming battle in the trenches over memory, ChannelWeb pulls out the crystal ball and tells you what the next year in processors and platforms is going to look like.

Affinity Index: Network Color Laser Printers

Hewlett-Packard may have the most market share for network color laser printers, but solution providers say Xerox is making all the right moves in the product category, according to new research by the Institute for Partner Education & Development (IPED).

An In-Depth Look At Nokia's N97 Smartphone

Nokia unveiled the new N97 smartphone Tuesday. Here's a closer look at the phone and its specifications.

10 Microsoft Predictions For 2009

ChannelWeb looks at 10 potential developments that could affect Microsoft's gravitational pull on its galaxy of channel partners in the coming year.

14 Scenes From RetailVision Middle East

RetailVision Middle East attracted the biggest retailers in the region and a host of vendors moving to capture sales in the hottest market in the world.

Why Ubuntu Now Beats Vista

Ubuntu's latest release outflanks Microsoft Windows Vista on several fronts, including performance and price, according to a Test Center side-by-side analysis of both desktop operating systems.

10 Networking Predictions For 2009

2008 was a wild year for networking, but what will 2009 look like?

Affinity Index: x86 Servers

HP's success in the face of economic uncertainty is well-documented -- but the secret sauce HP cooked up to stay strong includes a huge dollop of reseller mojo.

Top 10 Tech Turkeys For 2008

Just in time for Thanksgiving, ChannelWeb looks at the companies, people and product lines that served up real stinkers for IT consumers over the past year.

5 Books The Top 25 Execs 2008 Are Reading

ChannelWeb's Top 25 Execs of 2008 know that reading is fundamental. Here are their picks for books to feed your brain.

2009 State Of The Custom Systems Market: All Systems Go

Despite the economic crisis, VARBusiness 2009 State of the Market research shows more solution providers are gearing to offer custom systems as new energy efficient and lower cost machines give customers better value than branded systems.

Green Bay Packers Score Technology Touchdown

The Green Bay Packers are not only winning with great plays on the field, but off the field with technology solutions driven by their IT quarterback Wayne Wichlacz and a number of partners including HP solution provider Camera Corner/Connecting Point.

26 Scenes From Healthcare IT Summit

Here's a look at Everything Channel's Healthcare IT Summit in San Diego, where CIOs, vendors, and business leaders sat down with Gartner analysts to examine key issues.