Where Are They Now?: 1998 Industry Hall Of Fame Inductees

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Microsoft Windows

Achievements: In a world where MS-DOS, a character-based system, was the main platform for almost every desktop computer, Microsoft re-wrote the book by developing one of the first OSes to feature a graphical user interface -- Windows 1.0. Xerox and Apple both came out with their own versions of a GUI in 1984, but Microsoft's release of Windows in November 1985 forever changed the landscape of PC desktop OSes. While Windows 1.0 didn't make a huge profit out of the gate, it came to be the most popular platform of all time and boasted 75 million sales by 1998.

Today: Microsoft has continued to grow and evolve its Windows platform through numerous versions, the latest of which include Windows Vista, XP, and 7. Microsoft's most recent version, Windows 7, sold 350 million copies in its first 18 months. In 2010, Microsoft launched its first mobile version of Windows on its Windows Phone 7, which continues to be revamped. The newest version of the software, Windows 8, is set to release in October.


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