Where Are They Now?: 1998 Industry Hall Of Fame Inductees

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The Intel 386SX

Achievements: Released in October 1985, the 32-bit Intel 386SX chip not only altered the future of Intel but also changed the PC industry as a whole. Despite initially low expectations, the 386SX established the architecture that today's software industry is based upon. Within a couple of years, all PCs in the market were based on it and many were requiring 32-bit computing. A critical aspect of the chip's success was its inclusion in Compaq's 386 personal computers.

Today: As of 1998, many of the chip's original design members still worked at Intel, though some had moved out of design. One of the chip's original product summary sheets now resides in the chip section of the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. While the 386SX was no longer used as the CPU in personal computers, it continued to be installed in embedded systems and a couple of mobile phones -- namely the Blackberry 950 and Nokia 9000 Communicator -- but was discontinued in September 2007.


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