Where Are They Now?: 1999 Industry Hall Of Fame Inductees

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Bill Joy

Achievements: Bill Joy made a name for himself as Sun Microsystem's software expert. As co-founder and chief scientist of the tech giant, Joy led one of the earliest open-source development projects, created the company's network file system and developed the basic structure of Sun's microprocessor chips. Joy is also praised as the one behind the development of Java script coding, and continued his work at Sun on Java-based technology for mobile devices to communicate with each other over networks.

Today: In 1999 Joy co-founded HighBAR Ventures, and in September 2003 he left Sun. He went on to become a partner at KPMG. In 2005 Joy was made a partner of a venture capital firm where he invests in green energy. He was inducted into the Computer History Museum as a Fellow in 2011.


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