Where Are They Now?: 1999 Industry Hall Of Fame Inductees

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Phillipe Kahn

Achievements: Former CEO and chairman of Borland International, Phillipe Kahn founded Borland in 1984 to compete with the software giant Microsoft. Believing that tech companies' products were overpriced, Kahn is best known for his shockingly low-priced software and unorthodox marketing strategies -- now referred to as guerrilla marketing. He was an early supporter of object-oriented programming and was said to have a knack for seeing where the market was headed.

Today: Kahn resigned from Borland in 1995 under pressure from the board. He went on to start three other tech companies -- Starfish Software, LightSurf Technologies and FullPower Technologies -- and is credited with creating the first cell phone camera. Kahn is currently the CEO of FullPower, which builds mobile sensor technology. He also started the Lee-Kahn Foundation with his wife, Sonia Lee, as a way to sponsor non-profit organizations.


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