Where Are They Now?: 1999 Industry Hall Of Fame Inductees

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Drew Major

Achievements: Chief Scientist and Vice President of Advanced Development for Novell, Major is best known as the creator and majority coder of Netware, the network operating system formerly known as ShareNet. He is also credited with personally creating the LAN market and enabling an entirely new industry. Since Major and his 'Superset' team created the first file server in 1981, he achieved numerous programming feats as well as influence over Novell's strategy and product direction.

Today: In 2001 Major became Chief Scientist at Volera, but continued to work at Novell until 2003 when he left both companies to begin the video-on-demand startup Arroyo Video Solutions. Arroyo was bought by Cisco in 2006, where Major worked until 2010. He then became a full time advanced developer at Move Networks, a television-over-the-net startup he founded in 2000.


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