The 30 Hottest Tech Releases In September

Malwarebytes Enterprise Edition

Malwarebytes, a San Jose-based anti-malware vendor widely deployed in the consumer environment, has launched a new business-class edition aimed at a wide variety of vertical markets as well as government and education. Malwarebytes Enterprise Edition offers centrally-managed threat protection and malware remediation that runs on top of existing security infrastructures, including anti-virus. The product is designed to work in both physical and virtualized environments. Threat protection is provided through a combination of predictive heuristics, behavioral and signature analysis that is designed to identify and block entire families of malware and even predict future mutations. The same core engine in the consumer product is utilized in the enterprise product. The key differences include reporting capability, the level of integration between the management console and the client, and also the ability to configure policies and push them out to the endpoints.

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