6 Buzzworthy Products To Check Out Right Now

Saved By Zero

Taking a slightly different approach to desktop virtualization is Zirtu, which employs a Type 0 hypervisor that executes a virtualized instance of Windows directly on the local system's hardware. This eliminates the need for large server farms for VDI execution; all that's needed is a central server for storage of containers for user apps and data, which are loaded on the client at login. Zirtu employs no host/guest model; there's only the virtualized OS in a stateless endpoint and centralized workspace provisioning. In the Zirtu demos that we saw at NexTI, system performance is remarkable. To see for yourself, take a look at this short demo video, which goes from a clean Windows desktop to a user account loaded with apps. It also shows the system going into offline mode when a connection is disrupted.

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