Top 5 Cities That Are Hotbeds For IT Job Growth

No. 4: Houston, Texas

With a number of Fortune 500 companies hanging their hats in the Lone Star State, it's no wonder Houston has seen a steady increase in job growth, too. According to CNN's Fortune 500 2011 ranking of cities with five or more F500 headquarters, Houston came in No. 2 with 22 companies, behind New York's 45 and ahead of Dallas' 10. And, according to VAR Staffing's Todd Billiar, director of channel development, "The energy sector is on fire." That's not surprising, what with F500's such as ConocoPhillips, Spectra Energy and Enterprise Products Partners being headquartered in Houston. And where there's energy, there are energy technology solutions providers, like Centre Technologies and FMC Technologies. Add to that Houston's booming healthcare technology industry, and you've got a city that's in need of top-notch IT talent. According to VAR Staffing, in 2008 Houston posted 12,148 IT jobs, a number that grew to 14,192 by 2012, making for a 22.89 percent increase and placing it slightly ahead of Dallas. Between the two tech-hub cities, if you've got the IT swagger, it might be worth moseying over to check out Texas' help wanted ads.

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