Top 5 Cities That Are Hotbeds For IT Job Growth

No. 3: Boston, New England Area

The Boston/New England Area, aka "the silicon valley of the East Coast," has shown incredible job growth in the IT sector. "There seem to be more opportunities than qualified people," Bier said. In 2008, according to VAR Staffing data, the Boston area posted 26,254 IT jobs, which grew to 33,058 by 2012, a 26 percent increase. And, according to CareerBuilder, from 2010-2012, there 3,872 job postings for 612 active job candidates -- that's six plus jobs for every active candidate! So why isn't every IT job hunter flocking to Boston? The types of jobs being posted require a more sophisticated tech skill set. "It's a very tight market on the skill sets that we recruit," Billiar said, adding that there are a number of F500 companies in the Boston area, and "a lot of startups demanding great talent and looking to partner with these companies." Unlike, say, Dallas, Boston's got a different industry layout. "It's more the data center, virtualization, security, mobile device management, wireless technology, unified communications," Billiar said. "There's also a run on the type of VC backed firms and incubated firms that are looking for talent," Bier added.

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