Top 5 Cities That Are Hotbeds For IT Job Growth

No. 5: Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas

The Telecom Corridor, just north of Dallas/Ft. Worth, is home to over 600 tech companies such as AT&T, Sprint, Samsung and Texas Instruments, not to mention a number of companies have been expanding their footprint and setting up shop next door. "HP, Microsoft, they have a presence. Cisco put one of its major redundant data bases here." Why? "Money, population, and a pro-business environment," according to Bier. From 1999-2010, Texas experienced an upswing in population. And, the one thing Texas does well is "create one of the most pro-Business environments," Bier said. Add to that "there's a lot of venture capital and private equity firms, second only to New York and San Francisco," Bier said, and you've got a recipe job job-creation success. According VAR Staffing data, in 2008 there were 23,196 IT jobs listed in the Dallas region. By 2012, it posted 28,489, for a 22.82 percent increase. And, according to a CareerBuilder Supply & Demand report, from 2010-2012 there were 3,473 jobs posted with only 2,544 active job candidates, meaning there were 1.37 jobs per active candidate -- hats off to Dallas VARs!

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