Time For A Change: 5 Tech Trends Changing IT

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"Mobility leads to changing expectations for IT-anywhere/anytime support, new security and data concerns, the consumerization of IT, and the trend of employees bringing their own devices into the workplace called PUDs [personal unmanaged devices]," said Alexander. "IT leaders have a range of responses to PUDs [including] denial, rejection or outright support of the devices." The problem is that the people bringing these devices aren't asking for permission as they generally come in through the C-suite. Some companies are embracing this trend as a way to cut costs. Cisco currently supports about 50,000 personal devices and is moving to an even more radical paradigm next year by embracing BYOPC. It expects to save about 21 percent of the total cost of ownership by making this shift.

Alexander also stressed that solution providers need to help their customers monetize their mobile applications, as mobile marketing is projected to grow by 84 percent annually, reaching revenues of $57 billion by 2014.

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