No Prima Donnas, Please: Make-Or-Break Traits To Getting Hired

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Oral Communication Skills

Communication skills don't stop at writing, Bier said. Employers are looking for candidates who can verbalize their ideas effectively. "If you're architecting using a data center environment ... you can't just rely on the guy at Cisco to create the scope and pass it along. The scope of work is very important. In some cases, the person who's actually writing the scope of work is not the same person who's going to read that and deliver and implement that solution. So, there is some standard way of communicating the environment that you architect," he said. For example, Bier said, let's say you're a solution architect who proposes an idea to the CIO, who gives the green light to move forward on the project. "You have to be able to fully communicate that to the entire solution service delivery team in an effective manner, or they're going to implement and deliver a solution that isn't exactly what the IT principal on the other end was looking for."


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