No Prima Donnas, Please: Make-Or-Break Traits To Getting Hired

Written Communication Skills

"Writing is key. It's very important to be able to communicate effectively and concisely," Bier said, "The CCIE [Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert] cert for Cisco, that's their highest-level architect," Bier said as an example. "Nine times out of 10, the majority of your work [as an architect] is going to be spent in front of IT principals mapping out and showing exactly how you're going to architect the environment. In some cases, in most cases, the person who's actually mapping out and designing that picture will not be the same person that is going to be implementing it. So that means someone had better be able to communicate appropriately and effectively. You don't need to be a formal technical writer, but you have to be able to communicate effectively what is in your head and what's on the dry erase board to effectively deliver. ... If you have the title of architect you're going to have to be able to communicate effectively in writing."

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