The 10 Most-Read CRN News Stories Of 2012

8. Oracle, HP Release Documents That Paint Ugly Pictures Of Each Other

Oracle's 2011 decision to stop Intel Itanium software development was viewed as a direct shot at HP, which used the processors almost exclusively. HP responded by filing a civil suit against Oracle, which it ultimately won in July with a ruling that Oracle is contractually committed to developing the software. While the ruling seemed simple, the mudslinging between HP and Oracle and the series of suits and countersuits were a hot mess. In May, a series of unpublished documents was released, including internal emails from both companies. Oracle posted 12 documents it claims shows that HP knew in advance of the dispute that Intel was planning to end development of the processor. HP responded by releasing seven internal documents from both companies it said shows HP's long-term Integrity server plans and that Oracle is using the dispute as a way to stagger HP's hardware business. The messages between high-profile execs at both HP and Oracle included plenty of ethically questionable moves and at least one comparison of defunct Oracle property Sun Microsystems to a pig with lipstick.

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