10 Reasons A Recruiting Service Is Key To Finding Top IT Talent

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Time Is Money

"The amount of time this saves us is well worth the expense," said Xerillion's Chapin. Likewise, Cognoscape's St. Martin agrees the benefits of a recruiting service can outweigh the cost. "When you do hire someone from a recruiting company, it's probably one of the biggest, single outlays for us as a company, except software and hardware. So in our mind, it's quite expensive, but what they've provided for us -- we're absolutely satisfied."

"Time is money, and that is one of the greatest things we can provide," VAR Staffing's Bier said. But, the real question for VARs is: "Can you afford to get that wrong? If you're going to hire just whoever answers your ad, you are limiting your candidate pool," Bier said. "Think of the clients you can lose. ... The No. 1 thing that can separate one VAR from another is the talent they bring in. It's not just who they get; they need to get the right people." And, most recruiting services, like VAR Staffing, offer guarantees: You don't pay unless they find the right candidate.

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