10 Reasons A Recruiting Service Is Key To Finding Top IT Talent

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Using a recruiting service that specializes in the IT channel yields better results. "We work with a variety of [recruiting services], but what I think the added value that they [VAR Staffing] bring to the table is their knowledge of the industry," said Paul Whalley, vice president of Whalley Computer Associates, a CRN SP500 company based in Milford, Mass., that has roughly 150 employees. "And of the recruiting firms, I think they've got a big advantage for the VAR simply because that's what they do -- they specialize in it. They get to know the people, they know the industry, and I think that makes a difference."

"I myself was an engineer with two different VARs, so I have 10-plus years' experience working in that VAR world. That gives me the knowledge about the little things that make a difference that a regular recruiting service doesn't have," Billiar added. "That intimate knowledge of the VAR workspace and VAR environment allows us to really screen the candidates much more thoroughly than the standard staffing agency would."

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