Emerging Tech Trends Show Major IT 'Skills Gaps'

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Growth In IT

After narrowly averting the fiscal cliff, attention is once again drawn to getting America back to work. As the technology landscape continues to shift, the IT sector has continued to show signs of hiring growth. However, meeting those growth needs will prove difficult in 2013 due in part to security concerns and what IBM, in its Fast Track to the Future: The 2012 IBM Tech Trends Report, refers to as the "skills gap."

In a survey of 1,200 professionals who make technology decisions for their organization from 16 different industries among 13 different countries, as well as more than 250 academics and 450 students across those same countries, IBM's report looks at the emerging technology trends that will shape 2013, asking respondents how well they feel their organizations and institutions are prepared to handle them. Here's a look at the report's most significant findings.

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