10 Notable Recent Cisco Acquisitions

Cisco's acquisitions tear continued Thursday with Tandberg. Here are the 10 recent notable acquisitions by the networking giant.

8 Cringe-Inducing Microsoft Marketing Stunts

Microsoft's marketing teams sometimes get a bit carried away. We look at eight messages from Microsoft marketing that ended up going viral, causing viewers around the world to scratch their heads in abject disbelief.

Channel Stocks On The Rise In Q3

Most channel stocks fared well in the third quarter, better than the Dow and Nasdaq averages, but it wasn't good news for everyone.

5 Windows 7 Issues Microsoft Needs To Address Now

Here are five issues that we feel Microsoft should get resolved either before or sometime soon after Windows 7 is released to the public in a few weeks.

Acquisition Targets? Six VARs Vendors Could Find Attractive

Six solution providers that could be scooped up by the right vendor looking to make headway into the services arena.

Key Features Of Microsoft Office Web Apps

We took a look at the technical preview of Microsoft's Office Web Apps. Our verdict: For those already widely using Microsoft Office in their organizations, Office Web Apps can be a great collaboration tool. For those looking to break free from local applications, it may be a tougher sell. Here's a look at some of the key features.

A Look At Google's Ever-Changing Logos

While Google changed its logo Sunday to "Googlle" to celebrate its 11th birthday, the company has a history of altering its logo for a variety of celebrations. Here are some choice examples.

ARC: Top 10 Vendors At Managing Channel Conflict

Which vendors are best at mitigating conflict with their VARs? See how solution providers rate their vendors on how they handle this delicate issue.

10 Network Outages And The Pain They Caused

Google's Gmail outage last week brought to mind some other recent, high-profile network outages that left users in the dark. Here's a look at some of them.

Weird, Wild, Wacky Peripherals

The funny, cool and strange -- these are not your father's peripherals.

The CIO 50 Weigh In On 2010 Budgets

Everything Channel recently introduced its first CIO 50, a group of midmarket end-user IT executives that can help provide insight for what VARs can expect in 2010. Here's what a sampling of what the group's members had to say.

10 Storage Startups To Watch

The storage startups of today may be small, but remember that EMC and NetApp once were startups, too.

10 Open-Source Developments You Need To Know About

It's been a busy few weeks in the open-source software world, marked by new products, new programs, new alliances. Here's a wrap-up of the most significant happenings.

Big Ideas On Display At IDF

Want eye-candy? Take a look at some of the best new technology powered by Intel technology at the Intel Developer Forum.

ARC: Top 10 Partner Programs

How do your favorite vendors stack up in terms of their partner programs? See which vendors are given kudos by their VARs.

Foot On The Gas: 12 Key Google Acquisitions

Google CEO Eric Schmidt said this week that Google plans to acquire one small company a month. Here's a roundup of 12 notable Google acquisitions from the past five years.

8 Signs IT Is Coming Out Of Recession

Whether it's an earnings report from a bellwether technology company or government data on manufacturing, clues are starting to appear to paint a picture of an IT industry ready to wave recession goodbye.

NetSuite's ERP Applications Now Support The iPhone

NetSuite says its ERP apps are the first to support the iPhone. Want a peek?

Top (Mac OS) X Security Myths

Is Mac OS X more secure than any other platform? We explored 10 of the security myths surrounding the OS.

Moore's Less: Scenes From The Intel Developer Forum

Intel touts the 'computing continuum' at its annual showcase of smaller, faster, better products.

HP's New SkyRoom: Halo For The SMB Set

HP rolls out SkyRoom, a low-priced videoconferencing desktop tool.

New Multitouch Notebooks Set For Windows 7

With the release of Windows 7 just around the corner, manufacturers are picking up the pace in producing systems with multitouch screens.

Microsoft's Hardware Hits And Misses Through The Years

There's lots of buzz surrounding Microsoft's purported foray into hardware, with rumors of the mobile phone "Pink" as well as a touch-screen tablet in the works. But this isn't the first time the software giant has dabbled in hardware, with decidedly mixed results. Here's a look at some of Microsoft's hardware hits and misses over the years.

MSDN's Cool Programming Tutor

The Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) has launched an interactive teaching tool called the Beginner Developer Learning Center for those of us who are not programmers but would like to learn how. Check it out.

10 Of The Best Deals In Technology

Between price cuts, new products and hype, it's hard to cut through the steady stream of rhetoric to find which are the truly good deals in technology. The CRN Test Center has taken a look at scores of offerings this year, and finds a number of great deals among both newer and older products readily available.