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VMware COO Dismisses Amazon As 'Company That Sells Books'

At VMware's Partner Exchange conference this week, COO Carl Eschenbach challenged his audience to take the fight to Amazon in the public cloud space, noting that he finds it "really hard to believe that we cannot collectively beat a company that sells books." Executives say all kinds of things at partner conferences. Still, it's a ridiculous comment for Eschenbach to make considering the disruptive role Amazon has played in the cloud space and the size of its public cloud business. Macquarie Securities Group, an Australia-based firm, estimated earlier this year that Amazon Web Services had $2 billion in revenue in 2012, and it's on track for $3.8 billion this year.

If VMware really sees Amazon as nothing more than a book seller, VMware partners could be in for a rough ride on the road to cloud computing.


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