The 10 Richest Tech Billionaires

53/Tech 9: Paul Allen

At No. 53, we find Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, who tips the scales at $15 billion, and takes the ninth spot among the super-rich techies. Late last year, Allen scored a few bucks through his real estate company by selling a 12-building campus in downtown Seattle to Amazon for a whopping $1.15 billion. Aside from real estate, Allen also has sunk some capital into a company specializing in natural-gas-energy conversions. Then there's the sports portfolio. According to Forbes, Allen owns the Seahawks, the Trail Blazers and a piece of the local Seattle soccer team. He also placed his yacht at the disposal of a team that unsuccessfully tried to recover the ship's bell from the HMS Hood, a British battle cruiser sunk by the Germans in an epic World War II sea battle.

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