Where's The Talent? 10 Ways The IT Security Job Landscape Is Changing

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Overstaffed Or Understaffed?

According to (ISC)2's survey, the majority of respondents felt their companies' security departments were understaffed. "Very few respondents view their security organizations as being over-staffed. Nearly one-third of respondents believe they have the right number of staff, but more than 50 percent believe staff expansion is justified." Fortunately, most executives in the survey felt the same way. "The good news is that two-thirds of C-levels, those with the greatest budgetary influence, view their security organizations as being too few in numbers," the report said. In terms of an organization's size in relation to its security staff, midsize companies indicated the greatest need to bolster their security team. "More midsize companies' [500-2,499 employees] respondents view their organizations as understaffed versus smaller and larger size companies." And among varying industries, regardless of market vertical, respondents agreed their security departments were understaffed. "Across industries, a greater percentage of respondents in education, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail & wholesale verticals believe they are understaffed."


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