Where's The Talent? 10 Ways The IT Security Job Landscape Is Changing

Security Pros: General Skill Sets

According to the survey, technical skills aren't the only thing hiring managers look to see on a security professional's resume. At 92 percent, a broad understanding of the security field ranked No. 1, followed by communication skills at 91 percent. Technical skills came in as the No. 3 desired skill set at 88 percent. Awareness and understanding of the latest security threats ranked No. 4 with 86 percent, followed by security policy formulation and application at 75 percent. Legal knowledge ranked last at 42 percent. However, within different market verticals, the desired security skill sets varied slightly. "Respondents in the banking, finance, and insurance verticals place a higher emphasis on the importance of broad understanding than other verticals. Info tech and government-defense place higher importance on technical knowledge. Healthcare respondents rate communication skills higher in importance."

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