Where's The Talent? 10 Ways The IT Security Job Landscape Is Changing

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Get Involved: Software Development, Procurement, Outsourcing

Perhaps one of the most interesting findings in the report was that insecure software played a significant role in breaches, yet security pros indicated that their involvement in software development, procurement and outsourcing was minimal. According to the report, insecure software played a contributing role in about one-third of the 60 percent of detected security breaches and, in the other 40 percent of data breaches, insecure software's role was uncertain, due in part to either inclusive forensics or security pros not being privy to those forensics. With only 12 percent of respondents indicating they were personally involved in software development, 20 percent in procurement and 10 percent in outsourcing, according to the report, therein lies the problem: "The conclusion is apparent: unless software and information security professionals' involvement is deepened in secure software development, procurement, and outsourcing; and training and education permeates the ranks of software development functions, the risks associated with insecure software will remain."


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