Where's The Talent? 10 Ways The IT Security Job Landscape Is Changing

Savvy Social Media Security Pros Needed

Similar to BYOD and cloud computing, security threats associated with social media ranked as a concern among survey respondents. At 43 percent, social media was considered less of a security threat than BYOD or cloud computing, which the report attributes to the systems most organizations already have in place for managing outside communications. "Social media represents more of an evolution in internal and external communication channels than the introduction of a mushrooming range of user-owned and therefore untrusted user devices. As such, companies have experience in managing the risk of unauthorized communications (e.g., when instant messaging and Web-based email became broadly available), with many of the same and existing technologies and procedures to monitor and manage the communication flows." However, according to the report, that's not to say that security pros shouldn't be skilled in social media-related security. "Nevertheless, there is sufficient concern that a majority of information security professionals take action to manage the risk emanating from social media use."

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