Where's The Talent? 10 Ways The IT Security Job Landscape Is Changing

Salary And Affiliations

According to (ISC)2, the salary gap between members and nonmembers of affiliated groups is growing significantly. "In comparing average annual salaries for members and non-members between the 2013 and 2011 surveys, the member average salary is higher, and the salary gap between members and non-members is widening," the report said. Dependent upon job title and location, the average U.S. salary in 2012 for nonmembers was $75,682, down 3.6 percent from $78,494 in 2010. The average salary for members, on the other hand, was up 2.4 percent, from $98,605 in 2010 to $101,014 in 2012. What's more, (ISC)2 members had the highest salary, according to the report. "U.S.-based security analysts that are (ISC)2 members, on average, have a higher salary -- 23 percent greater than U.S.-based security analysts that are non-members." According to (ISC)2, this was primarily due to tenure. "Part of the reason for the higher salaries is tenure; (ISC)2 security analyst members located in the U.S. averaged 35 percent longer careers than non-members." On average, members received tenure within 8.9 years, whereas the average for non-members was 12 years.

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