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HP Rallies Partners To Capitalize On IBM Server Uncertainty

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Group chief Dave Donatelli is urging partners to take advantage of the uncertainty surrounding IBM's potential sale of its x86 server business to Lenovo. "Everybody who works at HP will tell you that certainty is very important in the enterprise," Donatelli told partners in a webcast. "We have certainly learned that ourselves. Anytime you have lack of clarity and you have concern about what the future is, it is a great business opportunity. Our strategy is very clear."

HP believes its Moonshot server, software-defined networking product set and 3Par storage line are assets that competitors can't match. "We have a very clear product road map," Donatelli told partners. "And we think the potential impact here is that we can go get customers who are concerned about the future of their platforms and then sell them our next-generation products."


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