5 Companies That Dropped The Ball This Week

Microsoft Surface Tablets Sales Continue At Sloth-like Pace

The good news for Microsoft is that it has managed to crack the top five in global tablet market share for the first time, shipping 900,000 Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets during the first quarter. The bad news is that these figures give Microsoft a paltry 1.8 percent share of the global tablet market. With third-party Windows 8 tablets factored in, Microsoft shipped 1.8 million units. OK, so it's still early days in the tablet market, right? Microsoft knew this would be a tough road, and it is reportedly working on a 7-inch Surface tablet to grab some of the action in this hot segment of the market. However, "the notion that this will be the saving grace is flawed," Ryan Reith, program manager for IDC's Mobility Tracker program, said in a statement. Ouch.


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