CRN Exclusive: HP's Whitman On Dell, Taxes And Windows 8

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What is the message to the channel on how aggressive HP is going to get with regard to industry-standard server pricing versus Dell?

We'll see what they do next. They will now shortly be a private company and they are going to have a lot of debt on their company and you, of course, know that the way LBOs [leveraged buyouts] work is the faster you can pay off the debt, the more money you make. Trust me, Michael [Dell] will end up owning 75 percent of this company and he is interested in making money.

It will be fascinating to see whether they continue this level of pricing aggressiveness. Listen, we want to be aggressive. But we also can't crater our earnings. So the issue here is we have got to have the right products for the right market segment configured appropriately.


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