'Star Trek Into Darkness' Head-To-Head: 9 Not-So-Out-Of-This-World Technologies

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A Future For 10-Inch Tablets?

Somehow "Into Darkness" had far more sophisticated tablets than those in the far-distant future's "Next Generation," which used a similar but clunkier device: Personal Access Display Devices (PADDs). But, it could be argued that, due to the twisted fate of time and space that resulted in the creation of the multiple realities and spawned the franchise's rebirth, tablets in one reality were more sophisticated than the other. Whatever the case, the tablets in "Into Darkness" looked pretty slick: bluish-clear thin slabs of glass -- with no hardware, circuitry or the likes in sight. But is that really where tablets are headed? There are a number of real-world examples in which a clear device came to market and left just as quickly, such as the colorful iMacs that, although may have helped Apple reinvent itself, ultimately didn't last. More importantly, check out the size of the tablets: 10 inches. Although 7-inch tablets are currently trending, apparently full-size tablets have a future. That said, the final frontier for tablet form factors may be as-yet undiscovered.

Advantage: Star Trek (for hardwareless tech)

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