'Star Trek Into Darkness' Head-To-Head: 9 Not-So-Out-Of-This-World Technologies

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Touching, Pinching And Swiping, Oh My!

In "Into Darkness," there sure does appear to be a whole lot of touching, pinching and swiping going on, quite reminiscent of Apple's iOS and its highly "fought" after touch patents, meaning imagined touchscreens of the future still make use of similar gesture controls used today. Starfleet does appear, however, to have better multitasking capabilities, which the iPad has been accused of lacking and for which other tablets, such as Samsung's Galaxy Note II (pictured), have been applauded, as crewmembers are seen "enhancing" multiple windows, manipulating content in varying ways. As it is, today's touch-enabled devices can usually only play within a few windows at a time and certainly couldn't handle the level of multitasking Starfleet was putting its devices through. But, that does mean when we envision future touch-enabled devices, smooth touch-enabled multitasking is key, that is if we ever want to do something like, you know, control space travel using touch-enabled devices and move at light speed without crashing.

Advantage: Star Trek

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