'Star Trek Into Darkness' Head-To-Head: 9 Not-So-Out-Of-This-World Technologies

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Scout's Got Its Phasers Set To Kill The Tricorder

You know those fancy Tricorder devices we see Dr. McCoy, A.K.A. Bones, hovering over patients' heads and bodies? Well, fantasy just became reality. Scanadu, a Singularity University startup based in Nasa's Ames Research Center in Mountain View, Calif., announced last week it's raising money and taking orders for its latest med-tech breakthrough: Scout (pictured), a medical device that, if hovered over someone's forehead for 10 seconds, measures a number of the body's vitals -- including body temperature, ECG, heart rate, urine and even stress levels -- and, once synced, sends that info to a smartphone for easy monitoring and tracking. Scout will retail for $199 once it hits the market, but it's currently being re-released through an IndieGoGo campaign, where backers can pay and register to get their own personal Scout, complete with app as well as other bonuses, at a discounted price before the Tricorder-esque device hits stores.

Advantage: Modern Day

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