'Star Trek Into Darkness' Head-To-Head: 9 Not-So-Out-Of-This-World Technologies

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High-Tech Gadgets, Engage!

Star Trek is well known to be sci-fi techies' fantasies come to life, as the TV series and movies have for decades opened our minds to technological feats well beyond the imagination. Although most of that technology may be light-years away, some of it's already here, or at least in the works. The blockbuster release of "Star Trek Into Darkness" offers up an exciting glimpse into the future of IT. The fantasy tech in the series' latest installment isn't as advanced as in the TV show "Star Trek: The Next Generation," seeing as the timeline in "Into Darkness" pre-dates Captain Picard and the Enterprise's holodeck and replicators that leave our ideas of virtual reality and 3-D printing in the galactic dust. But, "Into Darkness" offers an IT reality that more closely matches modern day than ever before -- that is if warp drive's taken off the table.

Here's a spoiler-free look at some of the technology from "Star Trek Into Darkness" and how it stacks up against modern-day tech. Engage!

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