Test Center Road Trip: 5 Scenes From Samsung's High-Tech Briefing Center

Financial Servants

Jason Redmond, Samsung's head of integrated marketing and communications, demonstrated in the financial services section how Samsung solutions might help banks and other customer service organizations help save time and money. The Virtual Receptionist app shown here presents a simple, touch-driven interface that allows customers to check themselves into a queue to wait for help. In the waiting area were several Galaxy Tab devices where magazines might have been. "This way, your customers can be productive while waiting instead of reading a 2008 issue of Popular Mechanics." Redmond has been involved in the design and implementation of the vignette-based briefing center since it was conceived in 2007, when it was thought that the center would go up in Samsung's Irvine offices. Enthusiasm flagged when those plans were scrapped, but was ultimately reignited. "When the CEO of the company gives you 3,500 square feet in its main U.S. headquarters for a demo room, you know you've got a firm commitment," said Redmond. The result was beyond his expectations. "I can't wait to start upgrading it with new solutions as they develop."


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