Jumping Ship: 10 Channel Execs Who Swam To The Competition

10. Christopher Doggett

For almost two years Doggett was the executive vice president of sales at Financial Recovery Technologies (FRT), a Medford, Mass.-based technology services firm, until his departure last March to Kaspersky Lab. As FRT's chief operating officer, Doggett led business development efforts and advanced the company's strategy for growth, according to an FRT press release. Before his time at FRT, Doggett spent four years leading global channel organization and sales at Sophos, a U.K.-based network security company. When he first moved to Kasperksy, Doggett was the vice president of channel sales and reported directly to Nancy Reynolds, the senior vice president of sales. Earlier this year CRN reported that Doggett was promoted to senior vice president of corporate sales in North America, where he is now in charge of developing and overseeing all business-to-business activity. While FRT focuses on follow through to investors in class action lawsuits, Sophos and Kaspersky have long been rivals in the cybersecurity space.

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