8 Hot Social Media Tips For Partners Competing In The Enterprise

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8. Start With One

Tackling the vast world of social media can seem overwhelming at first, especially for small or growing companies, so Constant Contact's Schmulen suggested narrowing the focus. Instead of trying to conquer the entire online world in a day, start small and get to know one network well before branching out to the others. Whether it's one of the major sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn or a more specialized platform like Pinterest and Foursquare, companies should choose the one most suitable for its prospective audience and devote time to developing that as a starting point, according to Schmulen.

"By the end of the day there's so many [sites]," Schmulen said. "What it really comes down to is if you start with one, it shouldn't be that hard to join the rest. For most businesses, the best place to start with is Facebook."

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