8 Hot Social Media Tips For Partners Competing In The Enterprise

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7. Focus On Building An Audience

A network is only as good as its reach and a social media channel only as effective as its audience -- so when it comes to social media marketing, a company needs to spend the time to build its core and peripheral audiences before trying to launch any major branding campaigns, according to Schmulen. One of the best ways to build that audience is by offering something as simple as a coupon or promotional offer to users in exchange for a "like" or page follow, Schmulen said.

"You have to build those relationships over time," Schmulen said. "You can really compare email marketing and social media in the sense that they're both forms of consent-based marketing. For those just getting started, you want to find interesting ways to grow your following and don't really focus yet on turning those fans into customers or advocates."

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