HP Unveils Workstation Ultrabook; Revs Z-Series Towers


HP has given its Z-Series workstations a jolt to their cores. The series now supports Ivy Bridge, Intel's thin and powerful Xeon E5-1600-v2 and Xeon E5-1600-v2 processor families, along with the faster memory speeds they can handle. The new Z-Series systems also support Thunderbolt 2, the second major iteration of the high-speed storage and display inteconnect developed by Apple and Intel. In its minitower design, a fully blown Z420 now can be configured with an Intel Xeon E5-1680v2 3.0-GHz eight-core processor running with as much as 64 GB of 1,866-MHz ECC memory in four channels across eight slots. The system can now address up to 12 TB of storage and is certified with single Nvidia Quadro K6000 or AMD W7000 graphics cards or two Nvidia K2000 graphics cards.

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