10 Truths Characterizing Millennials In The Channel


Millennials are a driving force behind the BYOD movement. They grew up and were educated with tools that did not always require a trip to a library. Now entering the workforce, millennials expect to have tools at work that are at least as productive as the tools they have available in their personal lives. "They are looking for something that feels more like a social tool, but has the power to get the work done," Andy McLoughlin, co-founder of Huddle, a San Francisco-based content collaboration company, told CRN. Huddle published extensive research on millennials' effect on the workplace in August 2013. "If they are not provided with a tool that helps them get the job done in an intuitive way, they will move toward finding [devices and applications] themselves." McLoughlin said. According to Huddle's research, 73 percent of U.S. office workers using enterprise-issued tablets said they download personal software and applications to them, while 62 percent claimed the same practice on enterprise-owned smartphones and 45 percent on laptops.

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