10 Truths Characterizing Millennials In The Channel


The culture in which millennials came of age taught the generation to be fair, team players. "Millennials grew up with 'helicopter parents' and under the understanding that everyone gets a trophy," said Frank Palermo, senior vice president of Virtusa, a Westborough, Mass.-based IT services and consulting company. Palermo specified "helicopter parents" to be those who gave continuous feedback and encouragement as well as closely monitored the maturation of their children. As a result, millennials seek out work in which their opinions will be heard and ideas fostered. AT&T's Emerging Business Markets organization, formed in February 2013, is largely comprised of millennials and works the generation's ability to collaborate to their advantage. The company built a large multi-purpose room in a central location where it holds regular collaboration meetings between divisions. "Being in an open environment is key," said Senior Sales Operations Manager, Jennifer Huang. Huang added, "We are all very driven to make an impact, contribute and add value to the organization."

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