The Best And Worst States For Innovation And Growth

The Top And Bottom Five

Entrepreneurs starting a business often look for environments where innovation and growth flourish, whether it's a tech epicenter like Silicon Valley or a university-saturated place like Boston. CRN's analysis of the best and worst states in which to start a solution provider business included identifying the states with the best and worst business environments for innovation and growth. The study looked at the growth rate of a state's gross state product, entrepreneurial activity, inventor patents and other indicators, as well as the percentage of engineer- and scientist-held jobs in a state's workforce and the percentage of high-tech industry jobs. The rankings were developed using data from the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation's 2012 New State Economy Index, the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis' June 6, 2013, gross state product report and CNBC. The metrics were weighted to reflect their importance to solution providers based on the results of a February 2013 CRN study conducted among 250 technology solution providers. The first five states have the highest scores (No. 5-No. 1), followed by the five with the worst rankings (No. 46-No. 50).

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