The Best And Worst States For Quality Of Life/Personal Cost Of Living

The Top And Bottom Five

For some entrepreneurs, when it comes to starting a company, the quality of life a location offers can be as important as the business considerations. CRN included quality of life and personal cost of living in its analysis of the best and worst states for starting a solution provider business. The criteria included financial metrics, such as sales taxes, personal income taxes and median household income, and quality of life factors such as crime rates and a state's percentage of people who use the Internet. The metrics were weighted to reflect their importance to solution providers based on a February 2013 CRN study conducted among 250 technology solution providers. The rankings were developed using data from The Council for Community and Economic Research, The Federation of Tax Administrators, the Tax Foundation, the FBI, the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation's 2012 New State Economy Index, and the U.S. Census Bureau's American Community Survey. Here are the best and worst states for quality of life and personal cost of living. The first five states have the highest scores (No. 5-1), followed by the worst five states with the lowest (No. 46-50).


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