The Government Shutdown: 8 Things VARs Need To Know

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Close The Deal

Any deal not yet finalized between the government and any other agency is stalled until further notice, leaving the companies that rely on the government for income out of luck. Stalled deals have prompted a second wave of economic shutdown; a company unable to meet payroll as a result of a deal not going through often has no choice but to furlough it's own employees.

"It's terrible. I was just watching the news, and they have actually found some people who said 'It's not so bad, there's nothing wrong.' And I think to myself, I wish those people could have been in the office when I had to tell people they needed to take vacation and some of my folks don't have vacation to take," said Tony Jimenez, founder, president and CEO of MicroTech. "They are taking leave without pay, or they are trying to figure out how to make ends meet. And if this goes on very long, there will be a lot more folks from my company being affected."


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