Words Of Wisdom: 10 Hot Topics From CRN's Channel Chief Roundtable

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BYOD Effect

Chris Frey, vice president, North American channels, SMB, Lenovo

The average user today will have 3.3 devices in 2014. That's what Gartner says. That's a lot of devices. Take that number and multiply it times the number of employees, and that's how many devices that they have to actually support versus what they had to five years ago or maybe even three years ago. The opportunity for them to gravitate into the cloud by starting at the entry point, which is a device -- which you can till the ground with because there are multiple flavors now between OSes and form factors and phones -- I think there is device confusion out there. Our partners are talking about bringing a cloud solution as it relates to being able to recommend devices that their customers want that they actually believe they can support. Then you tie that into the secure mechanism of the cloud and making sure that now those devices, 3.3 devices per employee, they've got to be secure.


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