Words Of Wisdom: 10 Hot Topics From CRN's Channel Chief Roundtable

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Hardware Opportunities

Lenovo's Chris Frey

Granted, maybe there is not a lot of margin there [with devices]. So the margin dollars aren't significant. However, if you can keep somebody from getting into your customer's infrastructure or ecosystem with a device, then you scale up inside of that ecosystem. BYOD is not just a concern. It's an issue. From 2011 to 2012, most workers doubled the amount of their personal devices they brought, and it's expected to double again. You are almost getting to about 65 [percent] to 70 percent of actual employees inside of the company bringing their own device and being allowed to use them. You start getting down in these where the local VAR is talking to an SMB customer; I think there is a great opportunity to create a practice that starts with the device and can move up the scale, lock their competitors out, and then do these things that are different from the typical PC business that they may have been in. There's a scaling opportunity here, especially in the local environment for VARs.


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