10 Questions For Michael Dell About Going Private

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What Does The Dell Brand Look Like In Three Years?

The brand is a way to communicate the promise of a company and its value. ... We like to show off our brand with yours. -- Michael Dell

From a business standpoint, ... the partner is the brand. .... The customer cares less about the brand and more about what the value to me is and is this someone I can trust. ... And as you go up the stack, ... that becomes less important; it becomes less relevant ... for the large companies. They are concerned about the vendor brand because of the technology and strategy and where it's going. ... The vendor is always the most important brand to the customer. What the customer goes to them for is 'look you are my advisor here' when they are walking in and leading with Dell. ... What we are ultimately in it to do is satisfy the end customer, and if we do that, it's all moot. Key to the relationship is VAR. He knows what we do, he knows our business and he is responsive. That's how relationships work. Partners have done that in scale. Relationships are around people and knowledge. -- Frank Vitagliano

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