Michael Dell Makes His Bold Case To Partners: Why Dell?

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What are a private Dell's biggest challenges?

We are not too worried. We are feeling pretty good. I think one of the biggest challenges for Dell and other companies is asking ourselves, 'What happens to the PC space?' My point of view is the PC is evolving. The obituary of the PC has been written 25 times. The term ‘post-PC era' was first coined in 1999 by IBM. At the time, there were about 120 million PCs sold per year. Now there are 450 million PCs sold per year. So the post-PC era has been better for the PC than the pre post-PC era.

But, the PC is a challenge. We are assuming that that business will contract. We have very modest assumptions for that business. Dell will be a consolidator and look to gain share. But, PC is not our primary objective. Our primary [objectives are to] grow enterprise storage solutions, security, software. Those are things are partners are helping us do.

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